Top 5 natural medicine cabinet must haves


God has provided us thru his divine wisdom, items in nature that will help our bodies do what our bodies do best, heal itself.

I will say that I am not against traditional medicine but I do believe there is a lot we can do at home. Here are my top 5 must have items.

1. Garlic

Natures antibiotic. Garlic, for our family, is number 1 and it can be found pretty much anywhere. There are so many studies on the healing properties of garlic. In the 1950s, Soviet scientists found it to be equal to penicillin, yet without the harmful effects of that powerful drug.

I can’t sing the praises of garlic enough it is a definite must have in my natural medicine cabinet. Garlic helps detoxify the whole body by enhancing the function of the immune system. We try to eat it raw as often as possible. We cut up the garlic in small pieces and swallow it down with honey. Easy peasy.

Garlic does thin the blood a bit so if you are someone who is taking blood thinning drugs you should not take garlic.

2. Ginger:

Most people know of ginger for the effect it has on indigestion and nausea. That is why it is on my top five list. Morning sickness for my three pregnancies lasted almost my entire 3 trimesters. Ginger definitely got me thru some of those days. It is delicious as a tea. My kids love the candied ginger we get from the local health store.

3. Peppermint:

Peppermint is an old household remedy that I’m sure many people already have in their cabinet. It is a running joke in many Jamaican homes that you can cure any ailment with some tea. In most island homes, if granny hears you mention any stomachh aches, she will start brewing some peppermint tea to cure the problem.

We drink the tea for many reasons but we also use the oil for headaches. If a headache is caught early enough, rubbing some peppermint oil around the temples and hairline will get rid of it quickly.

4. Goldenseal:

Goldenseal is a herb that is good for many, many things. We usually take it at the first signs of a cold to help knock it out before it has a chance to take hold onto the system. It is a very bitter tasting herb so we take it with peppermint to cut some of bitter taste. It is has antibiotic and toning properties. I have used the powder for cuts to prevent infection.

5. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is very effective for most skin irritations. It is helpful to have on had for minor burns, and scrapes. And relieving the itch from mosquito bites. My daughter has a small eczema patch on her inner thigh and it is helpful in receiving the itchiness from that area. Aloe is used in many beauty products now a days. It is overall good for the skin. I even apply it directly to my skin as a mask at times. My skin always feel so smooth afterwards. It is a very easy plant to grow. We have a plant that has been growing in a pot outside our home for 3 years and we have honestly done nothing to keep it up. Simply break off a leave and use the gel from the leaves to sooth your skin.

Disclaimer: As always, remember that I am not a doctor and offer these recommendations from my own personal experience and research into natural healing. Please  do your own personal research and double check with your naturopath/holistic practitioner before using any of these suggestions.


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