Hello, and welcome to my world!!!

black crayon heart

Welcome Loves, to the beginning of something new!!!

I have always wanted to start a blog but never had the confidence to follow thru with that dream. Well now, I am just going to go for it.

As I get older I am realizing more and more that I only get one chance to enjoy my life and to do things that make me happy so . . . . . here we go.

As you come along with me on this journey, of my life, I will share many differents aspects of my life.

I have given myself the title of being a jack of all trades. Most people would take that as an insult but I’m OK with that title. I love to learn. Because of that I tend to do a little of everything. And am always starting a new project.

To give you some insight about myself, I will let you know I am a Christian. Everything I do and every decision I make is coming from that perspective. Knowing that I am a Christian should let you know right from the start, how very very flawed I am.

I hope to take you on a journey of the ups and downs of my life as a Christian wife and mother and all of the fun stuff in between. I might get real deep and I might keep it super shallow. You never know. But know that it all comes from a place of love and learning to love.

This is a journey of love. Patient love, kind love, humble love, forgiving love…. and you know the rest.

❤️❤️So give yourself time to love yourself, and love each other.❤️❤️



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